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For those who want to reach financial independence before 65

Is it time to make some money moves? Reserve time to speak with an expert about your strategy.

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As an RIA we are legally bound to act in your best interest! Read more below.


As a fee-only firm we do not make money by selling products with commissions. Our products are investment advice and financial planning. 


We believe in transparent pricing, and we have pricing plans for people of all walks of life. Check out what you can expect to pay below.


We want you to know what to expect from us upon meeting. Read below to understand our process.

What you should know about our firm:

Hi, I'm Matt:

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Why I started Fire:

"There is so much noise when it comes to personal finance. We are constantly facing a barrage of experts via media that tell us we need to invest in real estate, buy crypto, save x% of our income, etc. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes we just need one person looking out for us... who actually knows us on an individual level... that can sift through this overload of information and define what is important.

My firm specifically wants to help those who want to achieve Findependence (financial independence) earlier than 65 years of age. This desire often leads people towards real estate, business ownership, and tech companies, which are areas I feel I can help!


You can be the smartest person in the world or the wealthiest and still not have the time, energy or desire to master everything finance. Maybe you just need someone to hold you accountable. That is what I am here for."

Financial Planning and Investment Management:

A comprehensive plan built with only your goals in mind.

Updated as your life changes.

Simple and actionable items for you to accomplish.

A custom portfolio built and managed by our firm.

Low internal expenses.

Research oriented and data driven.

The Hand-off


The most difficult part of the financial planning process is you gathering all of your financial information. This includes tax returns, account statements, insurance policies, estate documents, employer benefits, and anything else that would help us formulate a plan!

Once we have this information and answers to our discovery questions then we will be able to take it the rest of the way! Sit back, relax and let us do what we do best.

We do the heavy lifting:

We will turn that overwhelming pile of financial information and documents  into a well-organized picture of your income, benefits, taxes, assets, investments, debts, and more. You’ll know exactly where you stand in every aspect of your financial well-being.


We will identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current strategy, and make intelligent recommendations to fill the gaps. Your next steps will become crystal clear as we find the balance between your lifestyle today and your lifestyle in the future, and prioritize the pieces of your financial plan.


We will deliver on those actionable items and like a coach we will continuously reassess your situation and adjust accordingly. You’ll be able to effectively respond to the changes in your life as they happen. You keep us informed, and we keep you on track.

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