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About Fire Financial


Matt Paronish

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I have been in the financial industry for almost 4 years now. I started as an insurance agent in college then became a stockbroker after college. I was on the active trader team at Charles Schwab and mostly worked with day traders and clients who traded advanced derivative strategies. Fun Fact: In addition to being a wealth management advisor, I am an energy trader professionally (I would love to talk trading with you). I have a degree in Quantitative Economics and holds the Accredited Wealth Management Advisor designation.


Outside of work:

I am super active. I play soccer, box, rock climb, dance and find that exercise is the best stress reliever for me. I am a beast on the grill and love to host cookouts. I did not travel much as a kid, except for soccer tournaments, so I find myself trying to explore the world as much as possible. I started travelling in college and I try to make it out west every year to climb mountains. I've been to multiple countries in Europe and South America, but my crown travel achievement will be when I visits all 50 states (13 left to go). I  have a lot of interests and love being introduced to new things. I think life is a journey and that we should experience as much as we can, because we never know what we are missing. If we meet on on a business basis I hope that we can still share funny stories about our experiences!

More about the Why

Financial Independence Retire Early...

Many people find a profound sense of belonging and purpose from work and never plan on retiring. I am in that group. With that being said... being in the position to retire whenever you want is appealing. I call that Findependence (financial independence). I want to help people achieve Findependence before the age of 65 (my own goal is 40 years old). To do this requires intentional decision making around finances and lifestyle choices. I don't require that my clients be super disciplined or intentional, but they must allow me to take the reins and automate these decisions for them. Unlike extremists of the F.I.R.E movement I don't think you have to be overly frugal to achieve Findependence, because life is meant to be lived.

What makes my firm different


I of course provide the same services other financial planners do... "personalized comprehensive financial plan", "a unique process", "a quality customer experience", etc. What makes my firm different is my approach to planning. Because I have goals of retiring early, I have interest in alternative income producing assets such as real estate and business ownership. Because of my interest in energy markets and trading, I have a unique perspective on higher risk investments such as derivatives. I am also not stuck in the past. I am open to my clients pursuing allocations in things like cryptocurrency and the Metaverse, because the world is changing and I do not think it is wise to completely miss out on these changes. I do not stop at simply a financial plan and investment management, I try to help my clients maximize their income and income producing assets.

Want to do in-depth research on my firm?

Form ADV

If you would like to know more about our business operations such as our investment management policy, custodians, policies, etc... please read our form ADV.  

The link can be found below!

How can I educate myself?

For those who are not ready to be a client: I know how confusing the financial world can be. I know how overwhelming it can be trying to learn... there is way too much information out there! I also know that a mistake in this game can be costly.


I want to arm you with the knowledge and skills it takes to protect and grow your assets, and I want to make navigating this space easy. I believe that it's my place in the world to shed light on this industry, and I hope that through my teachings I can help a lot of people. So please check out my video library if you want to learn from a trustworthy resource.

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