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You might choose to work forever or you might choose to retire early. Whatever your future choice will be doesn't matter... because currently you just want to HAVE A CHOICE. You want financial independence.


Now that you are thinking of early financial independence, questions are starting to pop into your head. How do I invest to achieve this goal? How much do I need to have saved? How can I increase my income? How do I follow my budget? What is the best way to distribute my money in retirement? You are looking for an expert to help answer these questions.

The Statistics:


The average U.S. retirement age.


The age you can start taking social security.


The age you can access retirement accounts penalty free.

With these age restrictions on retirement savings you can imagine how it might be difficult to bridge the gap between early retirement and approximately 60!

Now consider that if you retire early a portion of your best earning years will now be a liability... you can see the complexity of the issue.

I built this firm to help people like you beat the statistics above. When you think about money you earned during 20-30 years needing to last for 50-60 years... the task can seem daunting. I am here to make the logistics simple, so that you can rest easy at night!

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