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Discovering You

During the financial planning process I will get to know your goals, investment knowledge/beliefs, and financial circumstances.

Investment Management:

Risk Tolerance

We’ll discuss your capacity, ability and willingness to take risk by completing an assessment. Understanding how portfolios can behave differently to various market conditions is important before choosing an investment strategy.


Each investment account will have a purpose aligned with achieving a particular goal. The asset allocation of your portfolio will be based on factors such as your goal's time horizon and your risk tolerance.


I will make sure you understand the reasoning behind investment choices and will give you opportunity to ask questions!


I use a strategic asset allocation approach, which means that I select a particular allocation of asset classes and rebalance the portfolio periodically to maintain that allocation. I am strategic about the types of accounts we invest in with a goal of maximizing after-tax returns.


I will periodically review and rebalance the portfolio. Through our review meetings, we will make sure we understand when different aspects of your life change to make adjustments when necessary.

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