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Invest in yourself, your goals, and your peace of mind.

We believe in transparency with our fee structure. 
We are not paid by commissions, sales or transaction charges, or kickbacks. We are only paid by our clients for unbiased and objective advice through either a monthly retainer or AUM fee.


Spark Tier

A planning relationship designed for singles and couples.
$300 initial planning fee
+0.35% AUM


Hearth Tier

Designed for families or those with more complex needs.
$300 initial planning fee
$200 / month

+0.35% AUM


F.I.R.E. Tier

Designed for those with over $250k in investable assets.
$300 initial planning fee
$250k - $750k • 1% AUM
$750k - $2mm • 0.8% AUM
$2mm+ • 0.6% AUM


Light-Your-Own Tier

Designed for the do-it-yourself type.
$1000-$5000 depending on complexity.
$20/month for our video library


Torch Tier

Designed for those that only want investment management.
+0.35% AUM

Do you feel ready to have an initial conversation? If so, go ahead and book a meeting with us. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

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