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F.I.R.E. Tier

Designed for those with over $250k in investable assets.
$300 initial planning fee
$250k - $750k • 1% AUM
$750k - $2mm • 0.8% AUM
$2mm+ • 0.6% AUM

F.I.R.E. Tier

Includes everything that we cover in Hearth, but with an emphasis on growing your net worth, establishing early Findependence, and building generational wealth.

In this tier we are more inclined to provide extra services such as tactical trading, review of private investment opportunities and use of derivative strategies.

To recap the Hearth Tier Includes:
   Life planning
   College savings
   Risk management
   Debt management
   Cash flow planning
   Retirement strategy
   Investment management
   Employee benefit optimization
   Tax-advantaged investing
   Tax planning
   Estate planning
   Equity compensation planning
   Salary review & recommendations
‍   Business Planning

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