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3 Reasons Why People Don't Commit

Whether it be following a financial plan or exercise routine... human nature gets in the way sometimes! Here are three resolutions you can implement to make discipline easier:

1.) They don't automate


With everything going on in our life it is easy to let small things slip through the cracks. Logging into an account, scheduling a transfer, logging into another account, placing a trade. Logging into another account, paying a bill. By automating these processes it will happen whether or not you remember. Automate, automate, automate!

2.) They don't reward themselves


Once we start on the path towards accomplishing a goal we are super motivated... for about a month. Although people tell us all the time that we should skip that morning Starbucks to save extra money, discipline can be exhausting. It is important to reward yourself for your good actions every once in a while, because life will be more fun and hopefully a habit will form.

3.) Fear


Sometimes we do not commit to something, because we are afraid to make a change. We get comfortable doing something and even if the change would improve our life the uncertainty of change steers us in the wrong direction. "If I start putting $500/mo into a Roth, will I be able to afford the same standard of living? What if the market goes down?". The only way to beat fear is to have an honest conversation with ourselves and confront the fear. The truth is you can't make a real change until you are ready, but Fire Financial is here to help you through it.

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