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3 things tech employees should consider

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Have you noticed that every new tech company is an adverb? Lessonly, Feastly, Freshly... WHEN DOES IT END? Just kidding. But with every tech company comes an extensive benefits package, generally higher income, and sometimes deferred compensation arrangements.

This blog post serves to be thought provoking for the current or soon-to-be tech employee. Here are three questions to consider:

1.) How am I getting paid?

Are you getting paid in Restricted Stock Units? Are you in a deferred compensation plan? Is your pay tied more to commissions or a bonus? How should you treat this compensation if so? How does this affect your taxes?

2.) Am I taking advantage of my benefits?

Tech companies tend to offer many benefits to attract talent and it's up to you to understand the benefits and how you can take advantage of them. Do you have an HSA? Is there a match based on certain requirements met? Can you get a free gym membership? Can you invoice certain expenses?

3.) What else should I be doing?

If you are highly compensated could you take more risk with some of your money? Have you considered things like real estate, business ownership, or derivative strategies? Have you thought of looking into individual stocks?

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