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Private Consultation

Understand our process:

1. Meet Us

A quick chat to discover if we even like each other.

We want to get to know you and what you're looking for in a financial planning relationship and you probably want to know how we work with our clients. After this conversation we should know if working together makes sense!

If it is not the right fit we can absolutely refer you to someone else in our network.

2. Dive Deep

We will dive deep into your finances and behaviors. We will need to find out what you want to accomplish, your current strategy for getting there, and this will allow us to see how we can help. 

3. Plan Presentation

This is where we explain your current financial picture and give recommendations to improve it. We will give clear action items in this meeting to lead you to early financial independence and retirement.

4. Accountability

This is one of the biggest reasons you hired us. This is where we make sure you follow through with the action items of your plan. We will follow up with you to make sure you feel confident with your plan and the steps involved.

5. Relationship

You are our client now! We won't just leave you hanging. We will meet at least annually to review your plan, update investments, track your net worth growth, and make necessary changes.