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Financial Planning


Planning for F.I.R.E.

Early financial independence is no easy feat. I have designed my planning process with F.I.R.E in mind. Please enjoy an extended metaphor regarding my planning process.

Collecting the Fuel

There is no F.I.R.E. without fuel (wood, tinder, butane). Once we have gathered enough fuel then we can start building the fire! We will start by uncovering everything about your goals, financial situation and current strategy. We will also compile all of your financial documents and account information. This isn't the most fun part of the process, but it is absolutely necessary to create a strong, blazing plan.

Fire Wood
Image by Sam Cumming

Constructing the Fire

If you want your F.I.R.E. to last then you have to organize your fuel correctly. I will do many things to set your F.I.R.E. goal up for success.  To name a few: I will consider tax allocation when investing, help you target a savings rate that coincides with your goals, allocate your investments in a way that best suits your goals and time horizon, help you decide how to optimize debt repayment. These recommendations will be kept in a detailed and digestible format to be referenced.

Light the Fire

Once we have constructed a plan, we must implement it! This includes a variety of actionable items such as setting up accounts and automated transfers, placing trades, speaking to an estate attorney, taking RMDs, etc. 

Image by Yaoqi
Fire Show

Stoke the Fire

We will calibrate your plan every time there is a change in your life and as market conditions change. With my professional monitoring you can be assured that you will stay on track to accomplish your F.I.R.E. goals. 

Enjoy F.I.R.E.

It's easy to get caught up in penny pinching and you can find yourself not living in the present. You never know what will happen in this life, so it is important to enjoy every moment. I will make sure that you enjoy your F.I.R.E. journey now and later. This means that I will make you a plan for an early retirement that INCLUDES current day fun and enjoyment. I will never make you feel bad for doing things that make you happy. Because you have a plan, you will feel at ease knowing that your spending won't get in the way of future goals.

Image by James Wheeler
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